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What can we do for you? If you’re looking for a transport, installation or service provider that can deliver what you need safely, on time and on budget every time, then A2SEA is your best choice. We are the offshore wind industry’s most experienced provider of:
  • Foundation transport & installation
  • Turbine transport & installation
  • Operations & maintenance logistics
We care most about how smoothly we can run a project for you. About minimising the risks and costs of wind farm installation and maintenance. And about the end result of all our efforts: clean, green energy for today and for generations to come.
Solutions that fit your real needs Unlike many marine contractors, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. After all, why pay for something you don’t need? Or be left with a single-vessel answer when a flexible fleet is what’s really needed? Instead, we share our know-how with you to determine the best equipment and approach for a smooth-running project.

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