5x Nordex N90-2500 on 80 meter HH

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  • Standort
    BARNEVELD, Niederlande

  • Nennleistung
    2500 kW

  • Turmhöhe
    80 m

  • Baujahr

  • Rotordurchmesser
    90 m

  • Zustand

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The windfarm is located in the Netherlands. The distance of the closest wind turbine to the open sea is approx. 1km. The windfarm was commissioned in 2007 and has been operational since then. The turbines are not yet at the end of their operational lifetime, however, due to the difference between the Dutch support system for renewable energy valid at the time of construction (MEP) and valid now (SDE+), it makes financially more sense to decommission the wind farm and replace it with newer wind turbines. 

The turbines have been maintained by Nordex under the standard Nordex standard maintenance contract for 5  years (2007-2012). This agreement was amended and extended in 2012 to a Nordex premium maintenance contract for a further 10 years. Blade maintenance has also been performed according to the Nordex specifications. Windpark owner has employed an independent asset manager as operator of the wind farm.

Details of these turbines:

  • Brand: Nordex  
  • Model: N90  
  • Quantity: 5 units 
  • Rotor Diameter (m): 90
  • Nominal Power: 2500 kW  
  • Hub Height (m): 80
  • Condition: used, and is currently in operation. 
  • Year of construction: 2007 
  • Expected availability: Q1 2019 

Additional comments:

  • Inspection reports are available at request.
  • Dismantling can be part of the Seller's scope. 
  • For more services (e.g. refurbishment and installation) see our website www.businessinwind.com

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