1x Vestas V90 Mk7 3.0MW on 100HH

  • Hersteller

  • Modell

  • Anzahl

  • geeignet für Offshore

  • Verfügbarkeit
    ab 03/2020

  • Standort
    Barneveld, Niederlande

  • Nennleistung
    3000 kW

  • Turmhöhe
    100 m

  • Baujahr

  • Rotordurchmesser
    90 m

  • Zustand

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This V90 is very well maintained; in the first place due to the Vestas AOM5000 contract, and the maintenance is executed by dedicated teams, stationed on-site during the whole operation period. Maintenance including blade maintenance every two years (which took place last year). The gearbox is replaced in 2010 for E-type and the generator in 2014. Besides a complete Condition Monitoring System is installed.

Since 2008 Topwind is responsible for the Asset Management of this turbine, which is part of a wind farm. The wind farm has reached the highest availability of 99,3% and lowest production losses 0,5% of all V90 wind turbines in Central Europe.

Details of this turbine:

  • Brand: Vestas   
  • Model: V90   
  • Quantity: 1 unit  
  • Rotor Diameter (m): 90 
  • Nominal Power: 3000 kW   
  • Hub Height (m): 100 
  • Condition: used, and is currently in operation.  
  • Year of construction: 2008  
  • Expected availability: Q2 2019  

Additional comments:

  • Inspection reports are available at request. 
  • Dismantling can be part of the Seller's scope.  
  • For more services (e.g. refurbishment and installation) see our website www.businessinwind.com

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